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Senior portrait outfit ideas | Your Style

Your outfit choices define your style, help showcase your achievements, and give your portraits a distinctive look. Try not to wait until the last minute to select your outfits, as they are a major player in the overall feel of your images. Start early and just look for inspiration. Whether you are shopping or on Pinterest, make note of what you gravitate towards, and create your outfits based on those inspirations. While you are thinking and planning, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

senior portrait outfit ideas
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  • Define your style! Be yourself! If you like, it wear it! ​
  • Think comfort! If you are not comfortable in the outfit, it will show in your facial expression and movements. Choose outfits that build up your confidence and make you feel beautiful!​​
  • We want attention to stay on you and your beauty. Avoid bright colors and active patterns that will draw attention away from you. ​
  • ​Go for variety! Varying the looks/styles will provide interest, as well as, encompass your unique personality. Think dressy, fun, casual, where you've been (sports/school attire), and where you are going (college t-shirt). College shirt or bannerpictures look great on your graduation invitations! ​ ​
  • If you need a little inspiration, check my Pinterest board, as well as, Senior Style Guide. Take a look at your favorite stores' websites and magazines. And lastly, don't be afraid to ask for help! The stylist at your favorite store can put together the most amazing outfits! All you have to do is ask! ​
  • Want to go super fancy! Check out Rent the Runway! The most amazing dresses for rent! How awesome is that!

Once you have some ideas together, lets set up a Skype session! We'll talk hair, make up, accessories and shoes, as well as, plan the order and location of your outfits.

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